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Awesome Science

Unleash your creativity. Get messy with Science.

Let your children explore their curiosity with Awesome Science. At Emmerich, we offer a program for our little Einsteins to learn and grow through our hands-on science activities. Our interactive program lets students learn and experience science like no other. Whether blasting their own rocket or making their own slime, we want to ensure that science is fun and let them be familiarized with relatable science. Let your child’s inner Einstein shine through our Awesome Science program!

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Age Groups



2.5 - 6 yr

Music, Art, and Play with Science



6 - 11 yr

Cool demos, individual and group experiments



12+ yr

Demos, experiments, and fun races between teams

Why Awesome Science

Understanding science is difficult if only done by reading. It is treated just as another subject to pass. Awesome Science offers a place where students can realize that science is cool, fun and can be seen in their everyday life. They learn through experiments involving materials science, engineering projects and even electronics.

Benefits of joining Awesome Science:

  1. Get engaged in a safe and fun activities

  2. Be exposed to a wide variety of experiment topics (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Electronics, Engineering)

  3. Take home their creations after each Awesome Science event

  4. Experience a unique approach to science that blends conventional step-by-step approach with a wild curiosity-driven way of thinking

Our Service

Our Awesome Science program strive to inspire the students and public audience about science. Our hands-on science class is designed to allow the students to do scientific experiments in a fun, engaging, and safe environment under professional guidance. We encourage the students to get messy with science, explore their curiosity and test different ideas in our programs.

What we provide:

  1. Safe and engaging classrooms/ laboratory

  2. Numerous science experiments and demonstrations

  3. Complete materials and tools needed for the experiments

  4. Safety equipment for every participant

  5. Experienced instructors to guide and inspire the students

"Awesome science is very educational and fun. Its a good introduction for kids to science."

"Kids can learn through experiments in a right and safe way"

My kids had a lot of fun making robots, the teachers were very kind, patient and knowledgeable. I highly recommend going to this camp/center!


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Visitors are always welcome to our education center. If there’s anything you’d like to know about our programs, please get in touch.


Jl. Pluit Karang Permai XII No.1, RT.1/RW.15, Pluit, Penjaringan, Kota Jkt Utara, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14450


+62 21 6600789 

0813-8558-8382 (WA)



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