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About Emmerich Education Center

A Lively Learning Experience

The year was 2015 when our founder, Elis Markova, decided to bring her passion to the next level by founding Emmerich Education Center. She believes that she can strongly contribute to Indonesia's education by creating a center for students to learn core concepts, rather than just memorizing theories.

During that time, Emmerich Education Center began as a tutoring program of Math, Science, English and Mandarin. Although Emmerich only had a few students when they opened, the center grew tremendously well in a matter of two years. By 2017, Emmerich had over 150 students, extending subject programs to Math, Science, English, Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia, Creative Writing, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and UN Preparation.

Our service widened when we were approached by many of our current students and visitors about opening IT Classes. Besides sharpening their general computing skills, we also provide 2D and 3D design classes to enhance their creativity and productivity. 

Additionally, we know how crucial it is to let young students learn through observation and experimentation. It became our passion to engage our students with hands-on science experiments. Thus, Emmerich began to offer Awesome Science programs for students to explore the world of science. We also facilitate a Research Center to help students understand through mini experiments and core research related to electronics, environment and energy.

Likewise, 2017 was the year that our Early Learning Program has been established, offering Nursery to Kindergarten programs, along with Music Play to our younger students.

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