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Providing only the best for our kids at their early stage of development is crucial. Emmerich embrace a balanced approach to learning by adapting an international curriculum which focuses not only on academics, but also on hands-on learning. Our classes are taught in English, along with dedicated time for learning Mandarin and Bahasa Indonesia and characterized by a low student to teacher ratio. Students will get early exposure to Math and Science, including activities that sharpen their motor skills and balance coordination. We also highlight the fun in reading, as we emphasize story time activities to our students on a daily basis. Emmerich also provides spacious and inviting classrooms, equipped with necessary school utilities and play area. We also understand how important it is to limit technology use to younger children and do not implement any screen-time in our classes. On the other hand, we give them the ability to learn, laugh and play through our engaging activities. Each one of our programs ensures the best development for your children.

Preschool: About


6 - 24 Months

Sensory and Music Play is a platform for baby and toddlers to explore their environment using their senses as well as build their coordination and mobility through music and play. It is filled with exciting activities that sharpen children’s imagination, their creativity and their motor skills. Our thematic curriculum is design to encourage children to explore about their world and our story time stimulates their curiosity. It is a program designed to connect both the parent and the child. The Sensory and Music Play is taught by our highly experienced preschool teachers in a spacious child-friendly studio. 



2 - 4 years old

Our nursery program offers an opportunity for children to build their self-confidence, independence as well as social interaction in a warm and nurturing environment. Our thematic, hands-on curriculum and Montessori-inspired activities encourages our students to be a creative, expressive and equipped young learner. Basic learning of English language, Mathematics, and Mandarin are introduced through engaging activities and games. Daily story time activities are implemented to build their love of reading and character building activities are introduced to instill good values and to strengthen a child’s emotional intelligence. Nursery rhymes are also a part of our activities in this program, as it forms an engaging environment, where students learn to dance and play.



4 - 6 years old

The kindergarten programs in Emmerich focus on all aspects of a child’s development in order to prepare them for success in primary school. Our creative learning curriculum is designed to develop our kindergartener’s confidence, self-expression, language, physical and thinking skills, imagination and emotional understanding. We promote the importance of collaboration and communication in our young learners through group projects. Our kindergarten offers opportunities for our students to explore more in subjects like Science through engaging activities that encourages scientific investigation and hands-on learning. Our K2 students are also introduced to Technology in age-appropriate computer-based activities and games in the classroom.

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