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College Prep

A Prime Start to High Education

A transition from high school to college life can be a struggle, as it can be a shock to any freshman. However, getting through the anxiety and class burden is a problem Emmerich Education Center is ready to solve. With our College Prep program, we offer outstanding classes to ensure that high school graduates are prepared academically and mentally to face University, in Indonesia or abroad.

Emmerich offers College Preparatory Programs in Mathematics, Physics, Accounting. Our teachers have vast experience in College/University-level education from first year undergraduate up to Ph.D. level courses. Our teaching team consists mostly of those who have earned Master / Ph.D. degrees in their respective fields.  Our experienced teachers are able to effectively adjust to the students’ needs and provide the necessary training to help them excel in their college or university education.

Schedule a visit to our center today to discuss your learning needs with our teaching team! You can also contact us directly by phone, WA or email to register today.

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