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Research Collaboration

As apart of our Education Center, doing research is also one of our priorities.  The Science Center explores multiple areas, including the properties and function of spider silk, along with extended topics of bio-inspired materials, self assembly of nano-particles, organic conductors and organic electronics.

Soft multi-functional electronics refer to flexible devices with unusual properties that allow for novel unconventional applications. Organic materials which in nature tends to be an insulator, can be manipulated into being a conductor or even a superconductor. The basic principle behind such transformation applies to a wide range of materials. In particular, one of the most intriguing materials in nature, spider silk, can be processed into various forms for biomedical, mechanical, and electronics applications. To add to the excitement, by combining the organic soft materials and inorganic stiff materials, a whole new world of hybrid materials is open for exploration. Here, the goal is understanding the structure-property relationships that are key to the development of high-performing devices. Development of low-cost and simpler alternative to existing commercial devices is also of primary interest. We are happy to collaborate with other institutions and scientists to accelerate innovation and discovery.


In-House Research and Training

Our In-House Research and Training Program provides our older students insights of advanced research participation. This means training students with data acquisition competence, advanced data analysis techniques and automation skills that are valuable for their school projects, especially for those in IB curriculum.  We also provide the best personal mentors and research instructors to guide them through the experiments and one-on-one discussion to sharpen their critical thinking skills and curiosity as future researchers. These mentors are specialized in each field of science, from biology, chemistry and physics. By guiding and familiarizing our students with research methodologies and experiments, our program will prepare both our high school and college students with the mindset to step forward into a higher education in undergraduate or graduate school.

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