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Science Laboratory

Dive into the World of Science

Emmerich provides a dynamic science laboratory, equipped with the essential necessities for effective research. The science project studio and laboratory is for our research projects, awesome science programs and for science teaching.



Our center provides numerous scientific instruments to assist in a simple to advanced research. They are utilized to gather data or observe natural phenomenons. Scientific instruments vary from electrometer, nanovoltmeters, lock-in amplifiers and sensors.


Devices and processing techniques are often used in more advanced research. We accommodate such equipment in the laboratory, such as a high-temperature furnace, fume hoods, and basic food processing.



In the field of material science, characterization can be considered as the general process of probing and measuring a material's structure and properties. The center provides a number of different tools in this category, including lab-view interface, microcontrollers, and cryogenics.


Prototyping tools assist in developing an archetype of a device or creating spare parts. We accommodate our scientists with high-quality prototyping tools, such as 3D Printer, laser cut, and machining tools.



Our microbiology offers the chance for scientists to grow microorganisms and to properly culture them in certain conditions.

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