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3 Activities You Can Do With Your Baby to Improve Their Brain Development

A child's brain is rapidly developing when they are 0 - 3 years old. They are constantly learning through the objects that they touch, the sounds and music that they hear and the movements that they make. Young babies are accepting new information from every stimulus and close parent bonding experience.

Yet, very few parents understand specific activities to stimulate their baby's brain development. To ensure the best well-being for your young ones, here are 3 brain development activities you can do with your baby, even before they can walk and talk!


When we guide our children to do simple exercises like crawling, running and rolling, we let them adapt to natural movements. Not only that, activities that let their whole body move can increase important neurotransmitters like serotin, norepinephrine and dopamine. This helps us with our thoughts and emotions in our body. In addition, exposing younger children to move their body will create better mental health and cognitive skills.

An easy activity you can do with your child is to let them crawl or walk with their hands and feet. Using their hands and feet to move, they can feel the surface of the floor or rug. They train their body to be at ease with movements.

Playing Simple Musical Instruments

Exposing them to early musical games and instruments can benefit them entirely. Doing musical activities with babies as early as three months old can enhance neural development. Even specific musical activities can also increase the regulation of breathing respiration.

Parents can let them play with musical instruments, such as the maracas. You can also get a variety of instruments to let them explore the different sounds that they make and how they are played. Safe musical instruments such as glockenspiels/chime bars/xylophones are often used to elevate babies' brain through musical games and tools.

Making Bubbles

Every child loves to see bubbles in the air. Its perfectly round transparent objects not only bring happiness, but also stimulate movements and develop their balance. For younger babies, seeing bubbles catch their attention and let their head go left and right to see the bubbles in the air. This assists them with their gross motor skills. Whereas, older children's first reaction usually is to catch as many as possible. This helps them to optimize their fine motor development and their muscle tone development.

An activity you can do with your baby is to blow bubbles while your baby is lying on his or her tummy. When you place your child on the rug, you place a shallow pan in front of your child. You blow the bubbles from the top to target the pan. Your baby can easily move both their head and hands to see and pop the bubbles.

There are so many other sensory games and activities you can do with your child. Yet,with all the instruments and information out there, you can easily get confused. Fortunately, Emmerich Preschool has a program for you and your baby. Designed specifically to introduce the five human senses to your little ones, your child will surely learn while still having fun.

The Baby and Pre-Tod program allows parents to bond with their children. This step is the most crucial for every child. A research from McMaster University shows that babies will smile more and interact better when they are introduced to simple musical activities with parents. Hence, bonding with your child through the Emmerich Baby and Pre-Tod program will surely benefit and enhance your child's brain development.

The Baby and Pre-Tod class will give you assistance and all the guidance you need to create better brain development for you child without the hassle and the confusion. Children as young as 6 months old can already join the program to have an early exposure of the five senses.


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