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An Inventive Holiday Program: Awesome Science

A group of young scientists, fishing for metals with a magnatic fishing rod.

For many children, science can be difficult and torturing. With all the concepts and theories of science, it is no wonder students can find it hard to understand the subject. Though that may be the case, an inventive holiday program is bringing up a solution: Awesome Science.

For four days, from 4th July until 7th July 2018, Emmerich Education Center held the Awesome Science with numerous experiments and shows. From creating lava lamps to making their own toy robots, kids from ages 3 until 12 had a blast in not only performing the experiments but also sensing an authentic experience in discovering science.

A science show-and-tell was also presented in the Awesome Science. With a big liquid Nitrogen science and a demonstration of buoyant forces with a flying shark, all the kids were jumping with excitement. Over 70 students from all over Jakarta participated in the event.

This year's Awesome Science was divided into two groups: Preschool and Primary kids. Each group had their own set of activities and experiments. The preschool kids enjoyed numerous of simple experiments, such as bubble art, magnet fishing game, lava lamp, catapult. Whereas, the primary student had more advanced activities, like making robots, maze, etc.

All of the participants' smiles brought in excitement to the one of a kind event. "Awesome science is very educational and fun. It's a good introduction for kids to science," commented one of the parents.

This year's summer science program had big splashes, excited laughs, and delighted faces. It is hoped that the next Awesome Science can be even greater than before.

"Let's get messy with science!"

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