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Emmerich Preschool Celebrates Earth Day


22nd April is the day to commemorate Earth Day, a day to raise awareness of environmental conservation. In order to spread consciousness, Emmerich Preschool also joined the celebration by engaging in fun activities.

Students from nursery 1 to kindergarten 2 began the festivity by enjoying an educational video about Earth Day. They also learned how to sort litter based on their material, putting different types of trash, from plastic bottles, cartons to paper.

In addition, Emmerich Preschool students enjoyed arts and crafts activity. They created their own version of Earth and proudly presented their masterpiece to their teachers and parents.

Kids also got a first-hand experience at planting. With the help of the teachers, every child poured soil, added the seeds and sprinkled water on their freshly planted greenery. Each student truly had a great time planting his or her own seeds.

An awareness of environmental conservation can start from preschool. Through events like Earth Day, our young generation can truly understand crucial it is to protect our Earth.

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