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5 Essential Reasons Why You Should Enroll Your Child to an Early Learning Program

Parents often wonder the necessity in enrolling their child to an Early Learning Program or often called as Preschool or Pre-Kindergarten. They believe that their children, who just reached the age of two, are way too young to be in a "formal environment". Yet, many experts believe otherwise. Children from the age of zero to three already experience a peak in their brain development. However, when they are only enrolled in kindergarten, they will not benefit from this stage as they have already turned four or five years old. There are still many reasons why early learning program benefits your child, so here are 5 essential reasons why you should enroll your child to an Early Learning Program:

1) Enhances Social and Emotional Development

Teachers in early learning education do not simply just take care of children. They also encourage engagement between peers, stimulate their curiosity and teach manners. In addition, preschool creates an environment where children are able to interact with friends their age and are able to explore a world outside of their home. This will sharpen children's emotional and social skills, along with forming them to be more independent.

2) Promotes Cognitive and Language Skills

Because preschool students are in an environment with high interaction exposure, children tend to learn new vocabularies in school. Three-year-old students might only know 900 words, but the moment they reach the age of five, they can triple or quadruple the number of words they use in conversations. This is highly influenced by enrolling your child to a preschool.

Other than that, preschool offers numerous hands-on activities, such as storytelling and science experiments. Through these games and activities, young children are triggered to ask questions. Students who do these activities can definitely gain cognitive skills.

3) Lets Students be Adapted to a Structured Environment

A child who stays at home with their parents can struggle to adapt to rules and manners that schools give them. That is why preschools help children to take turns when they want to speak up, share toys with others and even asking the teacher's permission to go to the bathroom. These structured environment forces students to understand simple rules in classrooms. Values of sharing, respecting and nurturing are always emphasized in classroom rules. Therefore, these "structured environment" in preschools can ensure a child knows what to do and how to behave in a classroom, while also implemented essential moral values in their lives.

4) Assist Literacy and Pre-Math Abilities

Certain primary and kindergarten require basic reading and math skills, but developing those skills takes time and effort. Preschool can be a place where children are widened their understanding of counting, pre-math, and reading. These activities, of course, should be in a fun and exciting way for the children to easily accept and understand. Such preschool activities can include storytelling, counting numbers and so one.

5) Boost their Confidence and Self-Esteem

Because they are in an environment of friends and instructors, children are unconsciously taught to be confident. Many preschool activities let children be more confident, like performing in front of an audience. Other activities can include, story-telling and picture presenting. These situations boost their confidence and self-esteem.

Although all of these reasons are true, every preschool has their own curriculum and activities that they offer. Certain Early Learning Programs focus on educational aspects, while others focus on games and hands-on activities. One spectacular preschool, however, outshines most preschools, offering both academic and hands-on activities. It is Emmerich Preschool.

From the age of two, students are able to step in the most comfortable and friendly educational environment you can possibly see. With the most nurturing and competent teachers, your child will be in good hands in Emmerich Preschool. The preschool teaches basic phonics and simple counting skills. Emmerich also offers hands-on activities such as science experiments and Montessori play.

Emmerich Preschool offers early learning activities that cover all the five reasons why you should enroll your child to a preschool. If that haven't made you convinced yet, why not register for a free two weeks trial in Emmerich Preschool?

Make sure to call to 0812-9609-2515 for more information.

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