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Emmerich Field Trip: An Ecopark Adventure

Emmerich Preschool Field Trip 2018

Who said learning can only be done inside a classroom? Learning can easily be done anywhere and everywhere, even at your local amusement park. Take for example Emmerich Preschool which had its field trip to Fauna Land Ecopark.

On April 6th, 2018, Emmerich preschool students explored the natural attractions of Fauna Land. They saw numerous of animals, including parrots, lions, tortoise, donkeys, kangaroos, etc. From reptiles to mammals, Emmerich preschool students were able to see them up close.

Yet, they did not only saw these animals in person, they also had a chance to pet certain animals and even fed them. While they were in the Parrot Area, students were able to take pictures with these birds, as the exotic animal sits on their head, arm or shoulders. Some boys and girls also had a ride on a donkey.

The expedition through the wilderness in Fauna Land Ecopark was truly a learning experience. Even the teachers have agreed. "The kids can learn about kinds of animals. They can also learn to respect the environment, where they can live in harmony with other living things," stated one of Emmerich's preschool teacher, Indah Ralato.

Indeed, learning is all about exploration. By creating a new journey in kids lives, they can learn a lot. Not only about subject-related topics, but rather about respecting all the living things around them.

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