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Independence Day Celebration in Emmerich


On 20th August, 2018, Emmerich Preschool celebrated Indonesian Independence Day with colorful games and thrilling competitions.

Girls and boys enjoyed numerous of activites, such as warm up exercises and eating competitions. All of the preschool and kindergarten classes joined the event, wearing red and white clothes to honor our nation's flag colors.

One interesting game that Emmerich Preschool kids did was eating small bits of cereal around their mouth that were "glued" on with chocolate spread.

"It was fun seeing their funny faces with their tounges sticking out. It was hilarious. They really enjoyed this year's celebration," stated Vidya Ratnasari, an N1 teacher from Emmerich Preschool.

Emmerich Preschool believes that a child can learn through experience and exploration. While all the students had a great time, it was also a great opportunity for them to understand sportsmanship, national pride and Indonesian celebration.

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