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3 Reasons Why Your Child Should Go on a Holiday

Going through a semester of new school materials and tests is harder than we think. Imagine going through dozens of tests and projects and doing tons of homework every day. It is a big pressure being a student these days. So, when school break is arriving, should parents plan to give them a holiday?

Before any parent says no to their child, read more to find out the 3 reasons why your child should go on a holiday!

1) Flourishes Brain Development

According to Professor Jaak Panksepp, a neuroscientist at Washington State University, the brain's PLAY system and the SEEKING system is activated when children explore and have fun. The PLAY system is developed when children play with water or sand. Whereas, the SEEKING system of the brain is experienced when your child explores outside of their house. When exercising these two systems, neurochemicals including opioids, oxytocin, and dopamine are activated in children's brain. Both systems stimulate brain development.

2) Closely linked with IQ

When children are in a new environment, such as the beach, the park or even outside of their home, they are in an"enriched" environment. This environment develops their social, physical, cognitive and sensory interactions. These environments also give a lot of benefits in a young child's brain, including enhancing concentration, learning ability, and attention. All of these benefits in increasing your child's IQ.

3) Rejuvenates the Brain

Going to school can be very stressful. This can create chronic stress upon children and unfortunately, this chronic situation can decrease the body's immune system. Thus, a school break can be a time where children can have a hiatus from all the stressful school activities and tests. Scott McCabe, a British researcher, noted that vacations give many personal benefits, including a better opportunity to learn, enhance intercultural communication, personal and social development, and develop peace and understanding.

With all the benefits that your child gain from a holiday, there is no reason for any parent to not plan a few days of activities outside of your home. One holiday program that you can consider is Awesome Science.

With over 10 fun-packed experiments to enjoy, your children can really spend a holiday refreshing their minds and connecting with new friends. The program, designed for both preschool and primary students, offers a safe and warm environment for any child to explore the world of science!

This year's Awesome Science offers three main themes for preschool students to enjoy: robots, music, and optics. While preschool students will enjoy sound themed experiments along with other amusing science activities that will really stimulate your young child's brain.

Make sure to register for Emmerich Education's limited ticket to Awesome Science!


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